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Holly fashion specializes in designing and manufacturing the latest fashion from the best and most advanced fabrics in the world. We invest our time and resources in developing the brand resulting in global patented dyeing and washing methods and combined print. The fabrics undergo special processing, and manufactured in an innovative way to create unique fabric textures and represent a technological breakthrough...

Our Production methods and Quality control are the most stringent in the industry. The design and production process is accompanied by a deep understanding of the product and ergonomics that allow the creation of particularly flattering cuts caressing the body with style and comfort

At Holly fashion we have a design team that uncompromisingly, works on original patterns that enrich the clothes with detail designs such as, special rinses and dyes, stylish buttons, quality studs, colored stitching, and, special linings, with the combination of our unique materials. From model to model we create breathtaking, fashionable, sexy, sophisticated, designs and updated urban style. Our brand is inspired by urban everyday wear combined with tomorrow’s fashion, and bases itself on the values of innovation, style, authenticity, and, functionality resulting in high level of comfort for everyday fashion wear

LOGO_s_sCreating tomorrow's fashion...